CCC Ready To Romp To Victory In Masvingo Urban
24 February 2022
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CCC ready to retain all in Masvingo Urban Council By elections

By Timoth Muswere

Following the record breaking launch in Harare on Sunday in Highfields, Citizens are now eager to finish off Zanu PF come 26 March.

Coming to the ancient city where a strong council is in a making the obvious is CCC candidates will resoundingly hammer the crippling Zanu PF and the failed Zanu PF lite MDC whatever!! By- elections will be held in ward 7,5,4 and 3 where President Chamisa’s councillors were unfairly recalled.

In ward 7 recalled councillor Richard Musekiwa will square off with Zanu PF and MDC A candidates. Residents are clear on supporting the soft spoken Richard Musekiwa to finish the mandate he was given in 2018. Musekiwa has been received well due to his discipline and listening character. His composure and focus on the duty is what the residents need.

In ward 5 the mature God fearing and recalled councillor Daniel Mberikunashe will square off with little known Wanzai whose relationshp with wise waters is inseparable. The consistant hardworking Mberikunashe will resoundingly sail though.His splendid job in council was unquestionable during his tenure before recall.His advisory role in the community has always shaped many households.

In ward 4 the CCC ‘s sole and endorsed popular candidate aleck thabe enjoys the huge support from the poor ghetto youths whose backgrounds and present day life are the same with the ‘moneychanger’ Alec Tabe who is well versed with the day to day hardships of the life in the ghetto. Aleck thabe ,a humble and social man whose character attracts even the elderly in the community will protect the seat that which the persecuted Kurauone had bagged in and did good to represent the residents.

The intresting game would be in ward 3 where the youthful councillor Roki has given Zanu PF and the rich bhucho sleepless nights. Roki Kamuzonda a natural darling of the residents across all political, social and religious communities is expectin g a resounding victory. Humble and poor as he is Rocky has earned much love from the residents due to his extended hand and works in uplifting the fellow underpriveledged people well before aspiration. Rock is a tough talking guy whose and bravery and offensive approach would be a joker to the noise making Manyanga in council. Rocky is never a backbench seater or a let it go man when it comes to represent the people.

Victory is certain

Simuka Zimbabwe Simuko
Simuka Masvingo Simuka

26 March tose dzvamu kunovhota