“Strengthen Covid-19 Surveillance”: WCoZ
25 February 2022
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We note with concern the increase in COVID-19 infections in schools, particularly 13 cases from Masvingo province, two from Matabeleland North, and one from Manicaland.

We note that these worrying developments are taking place barely two weeks after schools reopened.

We continue to highlight the need to prioritise the safety of learners, teachers and support staff by minimising the risk of exposure to COVID-19.

We urge strengthening of COVID-19 surveillance in schools and tertiary institutions.

We also urge strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines and protocols in educational institutions, which includes regular fumigation of school premises and buses which ferry pupils and staff.

We call upon government to improve the provision of water and sanitation infrastructure and services to schools across the country.

We call upon government to ensure effective provision of masks and other personal protective equipment to schools and the education sector as a whole.

by Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe