Zanu PF Thugs Murder Chamisa Supporter
28 February 2022
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By- Zanu PF thugs on Sunday killed a Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) supporter.

The killed supporter who was killed during a CCC rally in Kwekwe has been identified as Mboneni Ncube, a male aged 35.

According to CCC national spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere, Ncube was attacked with a spear and murdered by Zanu PF activists during a campaign rally at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre in the Midlands town. Said Mahere:
A dark cloud hangs over us as we mount the sad loss of Mboneni Ncube (35, male) who was attacked with a spear and murdered in broad daylight in Kwekwe yesterday by Zanu PF thugs.
His only crime was to believe in a brighter Zimbabwe where all are free.
Reports indicate that stone-throwing thugs armed with machetes stormed the rally while CCC leader Nelson Chamisa was addressing his supporters.

Chamisa calmly told party supporters not to run away. The CCC youths swiftly fought back and subdued the attackers.