Nick Mangwana Lies Saying BBC Content Has Been Banned On Facebook
2 March 2022
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By Farai D Hove | Govt Spokesman Nick Mangwana fell to the lowest of lows on Wednesday when he suggested that the social networking website Facebook has banned the British public broadcaster, BBC’s news video which exposes racism in Ukraine.

Nick Mangwana

Mangwana said this encounter has taught him that he must do the same in Zimbabwe, that is, to block the content of Zimbabwean news sites he finds inconvenient to his views. He said the development justifies the banning of websites.

He said: The restricting of access to certain “inconvenient” content and the banning of sites and platforms not aligned to accepted narratives has taught me one thing; freedom of expression and the freedom of the media are cards only played to the advantage of those who set the rules.

Contrary to Mangwana, the BBC has not been censored at all by Facebook. When challenged, the government spokesperson remained mum.