Mnangagwa In Office: Everything In Rotten State
3 March 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa is unwilling to arrest corruption as he is the chief architect of shadowy deals in the country, President Nelson Chamisa has said.

“VERY FISHY.. A fish rots from the head and dare I say.. a fish is fresh from the head. This level of corruption stinks to high heaven. Everything is decaying and rotting.The proclivity for corruption is killing wholesome things. Everything is rotten in the state of Zimbabwe.”

President Chamisa was commenting on an article published by ZimLive:

[email protected] · 20h#EXCLUSIVE Wastegate: City of Harare to pay Mnangagwa associates US$14.5 million every year for 25 years

▪️ Drax mastermind Dilesh Nguwaya and Albanian partners strike sweet deal with Pomona waste-to-energy contract without tender

According to President Chamisa, the Yellow Revolution is spreading to all parts of the world.

“CCC is now Global and all over the world. We are headlining in most of the world’s capitals.Thank you Zimbabwe for your trust and confidence. We salute you Citizens for believing in #CCC. We’re Yellow. And we’re the next government in Zimbabwe. We will make Zimbabwe NEW & GREAT!!”