Sad Scenario- Zimbabwean Footballers Use BronCleer: Top Coach
12 March 2022
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Bulawayo City coach Philani Ncube has claimed that 80% of Zimbabwean footballers abuse drugs, especially BroonCleer.

BronCleer is a cough syrup containing a combination of alcohol and codeine, which is now being abused by some youths in Zimbabwe and Ncube says football stars are no exception.

“I can tell you that almost 80 percent of Zimbabwean players are on drugs. I will not mention names but when we played Highlanders there was a player from their end who was clearly under the influence. He was just sleeping. I know for a fact that he takes drugs. Then you hear people saying the coach must go,” he told The Chronicle.

“The biggest problem is that some of the fans are selling these substances to the boys. Yet they are the same people you will hear saying Mandla Mpofu, Joey Antipas or Beefy must go,” added the outspoken coach.- Soccer24 Zimbabwe