Harare To Allocate 5k Residential Stands
15 March 2022
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By A Correspondent- The City of Harare says it will allocate 5 000 residential stands in 2022 and residents on the waiting list will be invited for interviews.

In a notice, the local authority said when the allocations begin, residents will be notified. Reads the notice:

No allocations took place last year. When the allocations begin residents will be notified. Residents on the housing waiting list will be invited for interviews.

Council (HCC) suspended the allocation of residential stands in 2020 after most of its top housing officials, including a housing director and two acting housing directors, were arrested and charged over alleged corruption.

HCC said it decided to suspend allocation in 2020 after it discovered irregularities in the management of housing land.

Housing director Addmore Nhekairo and former acting housing director Matthew Marara and principal housing allocation officer Edgar Dzehonye were some of the top council officials arrested on allegations of corruption over the allocation of land.

Fani Machipisa who took over as housing director was also suspended on the same allegations.-statemedia