Trevor Ncube Dumps Mnangagwa
22 March 2022
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Trevor Ncube:
I was one of those people who stood up and said give Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance and how wrong I was! But why did I say that?

I said that because this man has sat in the same room with Robert Mugabe, he has seen what Robert Mugabe did in the country.

Maybe, he is really interested in turning things around… This man played a role as far as Gukurahundi is concerned, the massacre of over 20 000 people in Matabeleland.

Maybe, it’s time for him to make amends for that. So I was generous in my spirit as a God-fearing man that this man was about to do a turnaround. Again was I disappointed!

I was actually approached and I agreed to serve in the presidential advisory council, so I sat at close range with the President advising him on a number of issues but I have since retired, stepped down because I can see this thing is not going to end well.

The lesson that we have gotten, all of us, is that anyone who embarks on a coup does not usually do so because they want to promote democracy, widen economic prosperity and so forth.

The people that launched the coup in Zimbabwe were interested in protecting their small personal interests, ethnic interests, business interests and economic interests.