Byo Residents Living In Fear As Violent Crimes Spike
23 March 2022
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Residents from some parts of Bulawayo are now forced to be indoors before the sunset due to the increase in violent crime rate such as mugging, robbery and theft which have befallen a number of them.

The concerned residents said they are living in fear because of the increase in cases of muggings and robbery.

“The Zimbabwe economy has been a huge disappointment for every Zimbabwean, instead of it elevating it is further deterioration which is believed to be the major cause that facilitates the high crime rate within and out of the cities,” said a resident.

“The high rate of unemployment, inflation, high prices in stores, high tuition fees and many more other issues accompanied by extremely low salaries have lured the everising crime record in the city and nationwide.”

According to the crime index, major cases and minor cases are heavily competing with escalating numbers.

The crime levels recorded by Nembeo in Bulawayo is ranging from 67,61% which is now believed to be more from the time it was recorded.

The high rates of crimes recorded include corruption and bribery reaching up to 92,86%, vandalism and theft 70,35%, stolen goods from cars 67,61% and many more crimes ranging from not less than 40%.

These cases have led to so many crimes being committed by elders and children , government and private institutions, women and men .

It is of a very sad note that many have undoubtedly no hope for a better future in Zimbabwe.

Safety concerns have been raised as to who will protect who. Since the trusted ones are also perpetrators.

Some areas such as Mzilikazi, Makokoba, Northend and Manyore have been declared by the public as a no go area at night due to high cases of robberies and attacks.