Police Bar Lawyer, Media From Attending Machete War Wrangle Meeting
1 April 2022
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By A Correspondent- Officer Commanding Mashonaland Central  Commissioner Witcliff Makamachi  was forced yesterday to descend  with his provincial team to Guruve,Mudhindo area to address machete wars and  continued violence  as a result of a  gold mine.

In a shocking encounter the police  bared the legal practitioner Lenon Mapfumo of Marufu Misi Law Chambers who is representing the occupier of the premise  Enett Muriro Chidhakwa the widow to the late Leonard  Chidhakwa where  Maxwell Mbela allegedly pegged a mine (Mbare1) and tried to evict the widow there by causing violence .

The legal practitioner bemoaned  the unprofessional  conduct   exhibited by Commissioner Makamache as his clients  had invited  him to be in attendance. 

“I was invited  by my client to represent  her interest  but surprisingly   the Propo who convened  the meeting has prevented  me from attending  the  meeting . Its quite shocking and unprofessional  on his part.”

Learning had to be disturbed at Chifamba primary where the meeting was taking place after the police occupied one of the classrooms.

Head of Police intelligence in Guruve inspector Joshua Mhlanga forced everyone to switch off their phones before the meeting including the  chief Bepura who was in attendance.  

The Chidhakwa family   expressed  frustration over non action  by the police in investigating  violent incidences that have occurred  at the homestead as result of the gold mine. It further  alleged that most police officers at Guruve police  were getting bribes from Mbela.

“We were forced to talk to the propo without our legal representation and forced to switch off our phones in a bid to avoid leakeges of the meeting but nothing fruitful came out,” explained one of the Chidhakwa family member.

Operations  at the mine have since been suspended  by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development as the homestead is located 24 metres away from the shafts , blasting operations were being conducted near the homestead and with no licenses or storage facilities. 

Information  gathered  by Bulawayo24.com revealed that at thè centre of the mining  dispute is one Mark Mnangagwa  who was allegedly assaulted by Maxwell  Mbela after he tried to steal gold ore dump at the mine.

Last year Guruve South legislator Patrick Dutiro,Chief Bepura and some ZANU PF leadership tried to address the issue to no aveil.