Mnangagwa’s Spokesman Announces: Khupe, Mwonzora Are All ED’s Girlfriends
5 April 2022
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“….Khupe was a dumb partner, a mute, ideologically. She only spoke through her person, nothing more…”

George Charamba

By Farai D Hove | Emmerson Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba has described Douglas Mwonzora and Thokozani Khupe as the ZANU PF leader’s girlfriends.

Writing on his state media Jamwanda2 column, Charamba praised the two for taking down Mnangagwa’s political rival Nelson Chamisa during their riotous wrestle for the MDC Alliance organisation.

Charamba said in part:
Khupe picks the prize for ever daring to cross the line for inter-party dialogue, never mind that this was out of necessity. After all she had no way out after Humanikwa, did she? But she boldly moved over, and helped materialise POLAD which ED invented.
History will credit her, whatever her disastrous end.

Mwonzora the ideologue But she was a dumb partner, a mute, ideologically. She only spoke through her person, nothing more.

Yet ZANU-PF needed more than personification; it needed political literacy no iota of which she wielded.

Having created POLAD, ZANU-PF needed an ideologue who would run with, and elaborate on, the concept, through sheer logic and cogency of argument. ZANU-PF’s goal is to insert a new mores in our politics where elections are followed by a de-escalation, all to allow national consensus, national focus and national effort towards betterment of Zimbabweans.
That goal needed validation and echo from its opposite number, something well beyond Khupe conceptually. It needed the agile mind of Mwonzora, who swiftly outgunned Chamisa into an outcast, the black sheep of the Zimbabwe political family.

Political mubvandiripo
With Mwonzora at the helm of MDC —whether T, Alliance or both — POLAD got its mouth, which became a mouthful for Chamisa and all those who bankrolled him.
Even western embassies could not brush aside Mwonzora’s arguments for converged politics. Beyond this elaboration, the legally adept Mwonzora became a two-track menace to Chamisa.
In a series of brilliant legal moves, he rendered Chamisa homeless, both literally and figuratively.
Chamisa lost Harvest House.
And with the subsequent loss of MDC T/Alliance names, Chamisa ceased to be his father’s son, deserving of any heirloom. He became a political mubvandiripo — a political child from elsewhere brought into the fold of mummy’s second marriage! And he admitted to as much, birthing Triple C, his real paternity’s nickname. No DNA test was even necessary! The courts handled Tsvangirai’s political estate handsomely. This redounds to Douglas Mwonzora. Killing for sport Nor was that all. Chamisa’s woes mounted.
Unlike the rather cautious Khupe who recalled her adversaries piecemeal, possibly restrained by a motherly heart – or is it motherly breast too full of the milk of human kindness? — Mwonzora had no breast, no milk to ooze.

He wielded the axe with ruthless abandon,

Mwonzora wielded the axe with ruthless abandon, creating a massive heap of by-electoral rubble which Government had no choice but to clean through March 26 by-elections. If truth be told, Mwonzora forced Government’s hand on these by-elections which he himself, ironically, did not like, and which he would lose dismally. Mwonzora’s recalls became just too many for Government to ignore; the only cure was a round of by-elections which came on March 26.
To that extent, Mwonzora ran and ruled Zimbabwe politically, electorally. Significantly, he still holds the key and tempo to more such by-elections, triggering them by whim and caprice. Soon after results of March 26, he again swung his merciless axe, to recall several councillors, thus triggering the possibility of another round of by-elections, while retaining and fortifying his title as Leader of the Opposition in spite of his defeat. In respect of causing wasteful by-elections, he is some reckless god Shakespeare’s Gloucester had in mind when he remarked: ” As flies are to wanton boys are we to the gods/ They kill us for their sport!”
When nothing changes Mwonzora is not just the Leader of the Opposition in spite of Chamisa’s by-electoral win; he also keeps the purse issuing from national law by way of the Political Parties’ Finance Act.
Add to that the perquisites of the Leader of Opposition, then you have material in part which validates my thesis last week that Mwonzora won before the by-elections.
But it is as an ideologue that Mwonzora