Was Mai Titi Right To Employ South African Musicians While Elvis Nyathi Is Murdered And Zimbabweans Kicked Out Of SA?
10 April 2022
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Was comedian Mai Titi right by chosing to employ a South African musician for her wedding while her own people are being kicked out of South Africa? Tafadzwa Madhonko comments saying:


It is when Zimbabweans fully book South African artists like Kelly khumalo and Makhadzi to perform in Zimbabwe, allowing them to enjoy the aesthetics of freedom of work and association , whilst our very own people are continuously being maimed and slaughtered in South Africa for seeking the equity that will bring the same feels to life.

Kelly khumalo and Makhadzi are working in Zimbabwe But Zimbabweans are being denied the same feels in South Africa ?

The folly of Zimbabweans is in thinking it will not happen to me, Elvis did not wake up knowing He was going to be killed.

One day I want to write about a farmer who kept quiet when he saw an ox being gored because he thought the ox belonged to his neighbour. It was only when he looked closer that he came to realise it was indeed his Ox being gored.

I have sat with my anger the past few days until today she told me her real name was grief
Elvis should not rest in peace, what peace ??