Convicted Fraudster, Kenny Kunene Says: Foreigners Without Passports Must Be Arrested- SA
11 April 2022
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“All over the world you have to carry your passport if you are in a country as a foreigner…” – Kenny Kunene

By Farai D Hove | The convicted South African scammer, Kenny Kunene, has announced his backing of xenophobic actions by the police services, saying any person who fails to produce a passport must be arrested.

He did not condemn the murder of Zimbabwean father, Mr. Elvis Nyathi who was set burnt to death alive in front of a police watch last week.

Researchers have expressed concerns of the decline in human rights since 2005 that directly coincides with a sharp fall in GDP that has pushed the economy to become number 3 largest producer, down from its all time 1st position.

Speaking on Sunday night following concerns over an SAPS operation  in Diepsloot  areas, Kunene said, ” the police in Diepsloot were doing their work, they were fulfilling their constitutional duty, to make sure whoever is in South Africa is here in this country legally so.

“All over the world you have to carry your passport if you are in a country as a foreigner.

“In the event you don’t have it in your person; it is at the hotel, you get arrested, until somebody can show that you are there legally.

” 2 South Africans let a state away from political correctness,  we are in desperate times, our communities are suffering from illegal immigrants,” he said.