Julius Choto: Govt’s State Assisted Funeral for Elvis Nyathi
18 April 2022
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It’s a pleasure for Zimbabwe to celebrate its 42nd Independence Day. Live Up Zimbabwe live Up
As we celebrate this year’s Independence in agony we must also remember that we have surpassed the biblical long term of agonie, which is 40years. We are in the second 40year long term of the same sufferation under the same Authorities since 1980.

Independence is now worse than useless in Zimbabwe. It’s just a calendar holiday without meaning in the hearts of Citizens. Citizens have fled their country and spread all over the World looking for greener pastures or running away from their Monster Authorities and be refugees there. Today we cry foul over xenophobic attacks on our citizens abroad with some victims getting state assisted funeral treatment as we saw in the Elvis Nyathi case. The State must also assure the citizens of state assisted life.

After all Xenophobia and Zanuphobia are one and the same evil.

1;Xenophobia is war against foreigners. 2;Zanuphobia is war against political opponents within Zimbabwe’s borders.

Operation Dudula in Mzansi and Al-Shabab in Zimbabwe must be condemned and disbanded with the seriousness they deserve. Zanuphobia has got victims like Mboneni Ncube and Kelvin Tinashe Choto: innocent souls that did no wrong to Authorities. May their souls rest in peace.

The second 40year long term must be filled with joy and prosperity. Not zvekungoti rambai makashinga without progress.

Julius Choto