LEAKED: Embarrassing Video Pastor Kasi Deleted
19 April 2022
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By Showbiz Reporter | Below is a copy of the second embarrassing video of the UK based Pentecostal preacher, Admire Kasingakore after he was pressurised to explain his unusual body language with his young wife, Ivy, at a time he is responding to damning allegations of assaulting her.

Body language bho here guys?, asks Rose Mudiwa (full video at the bottom of article)

The UK based church couple has once again become the communiry talk following several reports suggesting all is not well between them.

Pastor Kasi was still to comment, when blogger Rose Mudiwa said the first 3 minutes of the below video are too clear things are not right. In the 9 minute clip, Kasi, though verbally wishing his wife, a happy birthday, is visually totally distracted in the entire duration of over 4500 frames. Throughout the period, the preacher’s eyes ‘are constantly bomdarding’ the whole premises where the two are shooting the below video at the Rainbow Towers Hotel. The visuals are traditionally indicative of a male individual who is trying to hide something.  Mudiwa, adding to other allegations made by online commentator and sociallite Evidence Chihera, wrote saying:

“Body language bho here guys? [IS EVERYTHING OKAY WITH THIS BODY LANGUAGE] I think the tension eased up in the 3rd minute.

“Musandi denhe guys I am a professional lifestyle news blogger I am naturally drawn to your videos and what you are doing with your hupenyu. Saka avoid such videos at all costs because it is my duty to inform the general public. Ndatenda hangu. 🙏🙏🙏,” she said.



The development follows a report by several people who include the controversial sociallite Evidence Chihera who recently net the couple in Harare. Chihera, commenting, asked the masses to watch Ivy’s body language when she does live videos because it suggests something seriously sinister against her well being.

ZimEye has reached out to the preacher to comment and at the time of writing he had stated that he is better than a wife murderer. (VIDEO BELOW)