Khupe Says Chamisa Kicked Me Out Cause I’m Ndebele, Suddenly Goes Ord
26 April 2022
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Thokozani Khupe

Below is an excerpt of the exclusive interview on 3rd April 2010 with the MDC Alliance renegade, Thokozani Khupe in which she announced how she is taking over President Nelson Chamisa’s seat.

Simba Chikanza: Are you going to inherit Nelson Chamisa’s challenge against Mnangagwa over the 2018 elections?

Thokozani Khupe: “How? Why would I challenge when I don’t have evidence? He challenged and was asked to produce evidence…why should I waste my time?”

Simba Chikanza: I am saying there is evidence, there are LIVE broadcast videos beginning with the 15th Dec 2017, ZBC video clearly showing the deployment of the army to change election results. There are other videos right up to election day…. You are avoiding all this evidence simply because a court verdict said so?

Thokozani Khupe: ” Unfortunately I’m not understanding where your question is going …”