Kasukuwere Brings Malema To His Campaign Team?
28 April 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza |Julius Malema this week came out on eNCA TV news calling for Zimbabweans to go back to Zimbabwe and vote the government of Emmerson Mnangagwa out. He had earlier called President Mnangagwa a sell out and urged him to step down. Malema’s interest in Zimbabwe’s elections is a result of his intimate association with the former ZANU PF political Commissar Saviour Tyson Kasukuwere. He is taking instructions from Kasukuwere thinking he has a good chance to be the next President. Malema now lives and believes in a lie, of course peddled by Tyson. It is not a secret that Kasukuwere and Malema always meet in their promiscuous adventures as both are known to be failures when it comes to control the items below the belt. Both Tyson and Malema are frequent visitors of Malema’s penthouse in Sandton.

But why is Malema behaving like this? In most cases Malema is living his name. In Zulu and Ndebele ” Malema” is the word for “Marema” in Shona. This does not mean a person suffering from mental health illness but means a person of crazy and mad behaviour who cannot order his faculties well in relating to others.

Malema has wandered way offline in his spits. He suffers from a mental disorder which makes him like he is the referee.
Malema is the man who has failed to put his mouth where his mind is. He has the mind of a fly and fame of an elephant.
It is a shame that Malema rushed to comment before he understands what is happening. He has a loose mouth and needs some mouthwash to cleanse his unguided speech. It is a shame that such brilliance in Malema has a lunatic as a master.

Mnangagwa can never be called a traitor. He has actually become a double hero since he championed land invasion and compensation. Malema in his speech labelled the Zimbabwean government malicious and nonsensical.

After his address pertaining to the Zimbabweans in South Africa and the issue of voting, one cannot help thinking that whosoever gave Malema that name had prophesied his insane remarks about the Hon president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, ED.

Mr Malema is an opposition leader in SA , not in Zimbabwe or Africa, for that matter. His self-styled posture as a Pan- African Opposition leader is as delusional as his undiplomatic and obscene interference in internal affairs of another sovereign state. His actions are pervasive and totally uncalled for.
Malema starts well by encouraging Zimbabweans to go home and vote. His lunacy is exposed when he starts calling the rule of Cde Mnangagwa, “nonsense.”

Malema should understand that
voting issues are a complex internal and constitutional matter. Presently, those Zimbabweans in the diaspora have no right to vote from outside the borders, save for those on external duties. Mr Malema must know that this position can only be changed by Zimbabweans not by an over-exuberant howling foreign opposition leader.

In so far as Mr Malema is urging Zimbabweans in SA to return to vote in their country, he is behaving like a crazy man hiring a locksmith to open a door that stands ajar. In his understanding, who is stopping these citizens to return?

Mr Malema is afflicted of the fallacious thinking and weird assumption that Zimbabweans in the disspora in voting will vote against the government and for the opposition. What nonsense is that? Zimbabweans in the Diaspora are more patriotic than their counterparts at home. Being in the diaspora one begins to appreciate his country. It is only when you are abroad that the environment teaches you to love your nation.

These Zimbabweans are part of a big family back home. It is more logical to think that the voting pattern at home will find reflection in the diaspora. Zanu PF has been winning elections for decades and that is the pattern at home. There is no reason to surmise that the same voters will cross a stream into SA and then change political allegiance.

What really makes Malema suddenly pretend that he is a champion for Zimbabweans? A number of factors:

Malema has really failed to make significant inroads in his own country. While the ANC has lost seats in recent elections, Malema ‘s party has not gained significantly. This is because whatever the ANC has lost, that has been shared between the EFF and the other opposition party, the DA.

Malema can sense that his party is not likely to wrestle power from the ANC in the next elections. As a consequence of this painful realisation, Mr Malema lashes out, boils like an unserviced engine and his mouth blows like a leaky exhaust pipe. Malema has been promised great opportunities in Zimbabwe should Kasukuwere become the president. Tyson still breeds those hallucinations where he will come to be a president of Zimbabwe. That day will never come and Malema should wake up and smell coffee.

Mr Malema must concentrate on coming up with a cogent programme of attracting his own countymen as voters in SA. Imbecile speeches and roudy behaviour in Parliament all these years have not had any electorial impact at all. In his cluelessness Mr Malema is now lashing out at president ED much the same way a failing and abysmal footballer who is failing to mark his opponent would then pick the ball and through it assaultingly at innocent spectators. Grow up man.

Another factor in Malema’s mind is clearly the challenges in his own country. A man and opposition leader devoid of ideas to improve his country casts his eyes like a voyeur at a neighbourhood ‘s bedroom.

It may well be that Mr Malema is salivating when he sees some of the illegal immigrants in SA and hallucinate that one day they will vote in his country and vote for him, hence his statement that they should go back to Zimbabwe to vote and “come back.”

If Mr Malema wants to do something meaningful for Zimbabweans in his country, he must join them in the fight for dignity in that country: fight for the right to life of the Zimbabweans who are being burnt alive.

He must address his compatriots to eradicate xenophobia, prejudice and vigilantism. He must seriously engage the govt of SA and all stakeholders to find a solution to the most pressing need of the Zimbabweans in SA, which is the need for protection.

Therefore for Malema to ignore the single most pressing issue of protection of life of the Zimbabweans in SA and to talk nonsensically as he did was not just a cynical diversion but an insult to Zimbabweans in his country and all over the world.

Malema gets it wrong when he says the Zimbabweans must go back home and remove the ZANU PF government. This thinking is flawed and tainted with insults which are not called for.
Zimbabwe is not reneging on the gains of independence.

Zimbabweans are not against their government. It is ZANU PF which made Zimbabweans to pick up arms and go to a war. The wars for our freedom were to free the blacks and whites alike. It was not a racist war. The whites were allowed to stay in the great reconciliations championed by Mugabe and Mnangagwa.
Zimbabwe has been riddled by sanctions and Malema could not see that. The Zimbabweans in Diaspora are not all against ZANU PF. So Malema must grow up and respect his neighbours. He has no right whatsoever to issue campaign statements against ZANU PF.
The EFF must take their commander, Malema for a mental check up.

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