Kikky Badass Defends Obert Karombe’s Side Chick
29 April 2022
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By A Correspondent- Award-winning Zimbabwean rapper and dancer Kikky Badass has defended the late Obert Karombe’s alleged side chick. The queen of rap slammed critics for judging the young lady after she suffered severe injuries in the horrific accident which claimed Karombe’s life.

Following news that the girl may have been permanently paralysed due to the accident, some social media users showed her no sympathy. They insisted that she got what she had coming because she was involved with a married man.

However, Kikky slammed the critics, saying they were going low for wishing such evil on the alleged side chick.

While acknowledging that the girl was wrong, she said no one deserves such a fate and called for people to be more charitable.

Writing on Instagram, Kikky said,

It’s very low for one to suggest that chihure chinokonzera ma accident because that’s a lie. A low blow, if you’re going to judge someone judge chihure chacho Kwete accident because no one plans for something like that to happen. Accidents happen everyday to people from all walks of life.


This whole “dzidzai kusachiva” is quite hilarious because accidents don’t happen because wachiva or wararama a certain lifestyle they happen randomly and they are not planned, NEXT it please.


That girl was wrong for the other part she played yes , but to say she deserves it is quite evil. The whole story is just messy but we shouldn’t act like we are perfect . I hope that she can recover, obviously Gods grace got her out alive for a purpose .

The wealthy Obert Karombe died over the weekend following a horrific accident in Beatrice. He was in the company of his alleged side chick, who is currently admitted at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals.

According to unconfirmed reports on social media, the late Karombe was not in the wrong, but an army truck lost control and swerved into his lane, causing the crash.