Mnangagwa-Twins’ Nguwaya Says Own Company Will Guarantee Electricity Supply 30yrs After ED Destroyed ZESA
29 April 2022
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The Mnangagwa twins’ front man, and tenderpreneur, Delish Nguwaya has promised the nation saying his Pomona plant company will guarantee electricity supply.

Delish Nguwaya standing left to Emmerson Mnangagwa in another tender deal reached in 2020

Nguwaya’s Geogenix BV company which had been stalled, got kicked off into operation days after the sudden death of the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency Director, Douglas Munatsi, who was bombed and found tortured in his flat last year.

His comments come 3 decades after the twins’ father Emmerson Mnangagwa destroyed the Harare City Council Electritity Supply company by nationalising it.

The Geogenix BV country representative Delish Nguwaya, said this as he thanked the Government for creating a conducive environment for attracting international investors into the energy sector especially at a time when power shortages have become a daily challenge.

“We hope to play our part in alleviating this problem. The establishment of the Pomona plant will guarantee availability of electricity, create employment, boost economic growth, help in transfer bill in purchasing power (electricity) from outside the country and compliment other independent power producers,” said Mr Nguwaya.