President Chamisa Denounces Zanu PF Barbarism
4 May 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|President Nelson Chamisa has said the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation monopoly is a worrying indictment as far media freedom is concerned.

Commenting on World Press Freedom Day, President Chamisa described journalists as
the oxygen of the society.

“On this day, World Press Freedom Day, we remember and celebrate the work of all ethical journalists.We thank you for your sterling work,as the oxygen of society.Keep informing!

It is a tragedy that Zimbabwe only has one TV station.
We will change and fix this tragedy,” President Chamisa wrote on Twitter.

The CCC leader also denounced Zanu PF barbarism.

“The war against poverty and oppression will only be won when we love, create and win more friends than enemies.

We have a bigger fight. When you attack you alienate. We are ONE Family, ONE People, ONE Nation! ONE Love..Love wins battles. Let Love Lead!”