Govt Pleads With Uni Students To Stop Monday ShutDowm Demo | VIDEO
7 May 2022
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By Takudzwah Mukono | As the students  of Zimbabwe  we have committed  ourselves  in protecting  our  right  to  education and in our call we are  very  explicit  no to the commodification of education, no to fees hikes. In responding  to a  direct  threat to  our right  to education  through unreasonable  fees  being  charged
by  tertiary  institutions  we have  called  for a National Shutdown  of all Tertiary  Institutions in
Zimbabwe until  the crisis  is addressed. The shutdown will start on the 9th of May 2022.

  1. Failed Dialogue. ZINASU tried and exhausted all the available channels to engage institutions and
    the Central Government. All these efforts were futile nobody took heed of our frank concerns. The shutting  down  of all institutions  is coming  in as a result  of cold responses  we received  from  the Tertiary Institutions  and the Central  Government.
  2. Increase in Students Dropouts and Deferences. These fees hikes have forced many to leave tertiary
    institutions. In April 2022 more than 400 students were forced to defer by Midlands State University,
    and this is disheartening.
  3. Almost  three  quarters  of  the students we are either  children  or are being  looked  after  by civil 
    servants  who are earning  meaningless wages. These exorbitant fees have become a nightmare and
    are not affordable. Teachers, nurses, soldiers, police forces and pensioners e.t.c cannot afford to pay
    $80 000 per semester. The fees being charged are beyond our means. 
  4. The resolve to be the vanguard of our right to education. The Constitution  of Zimbabwe  is
    unambiguous and very  clear  when  it comes  to  the  right  to  quality  and affordable  education.
    Exorbitant  fees being  charged  have  already  threatened  the  constitution and declared  war on our 
    right  to  education. It is our collective responsibility as the students of Zimbabwe to ensure we defend
    this fundamental right.
  5. Affordable and Quality Education for all Zimbabweans. The current  administration  in 2018 promised  free  education  and  quality  education, but what  we have  is the opposite. The 9th  of May 2022 shutdown  is a reminder  to  the  ruling  formation to live by its  promises  and  commitments. The
    government must deliver and the time to deliver is now.
  6. Abolishment of the fixed registration  dates system. We are calling  for  all the tertiary  institutions to  totally  do away  with  the  system  of imposing  a registration  time frame  for  the students. This system  of fixed  registration  dates has been  weaponized by tertiary  institutions  to defranchise 
    vulnerable students  from  accessing  education. 
  7. Establishment  of an  effective bargaining table amongst the Students, Tertiary  Institutions  and the Central  Government. The existing  means  of communication amongst  the  three  are vague and 
    bogus. We call  for  a  revision  of these channels  and  the involvement  of  students unions  is very
    crucial going  forward.
  8. Respect for students academic  freedoms.It is the culture  of the govt  to suppress genuine concerns  from  the  students  by using  excessive  force. An ethical  and upright  parent  can  not dish
    out venom  when  what the children  are asking for is water. We are only  asking  for quality  and 
    affordable education police brutality  doesn’t  clear  this crisis.
  9. We are calling  for a total closure  of all tertiary  institutions on the 9th  May  until  all these  issues 
    which  have  been articulated  in  this  blueprint are resolved. We are declaring  zero  business on all campuses  across  the  country. Till the govt  addresses  these pertinent  issues  amicably  we can then  return  to normalcy, failure  to  do so imply that  all the tertiary  institutions  will  be on a perennial  state  of  closure. As ZINASU we are great full to those who have given us solidarity. We equally  at this juncture  call all the progressive  forces  across  the  social  and political  divide  to support  us on the 9th  of May 2022 going  forward in our call  to have  access  to  quality  and  affordable  education.

These progressive forces includes, Citizens, Political Formations, Labor Movements, Churches and all Religious Groups
within and outside the Zimbabwe.

The Struggle Continue Unabated

Takudzwah Raynolds Mukono (Research Secretary)