Mnangagwa Bid To Hoodwink Nation Hits Snag
9 May 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Vibrant social media watchdog Team Pachedu has dismissed Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speech on the current crisis in the country.

Fearing the implications of the national shutdown, Mr Mnangagwa was forced to address the nation, albeit, hastily, in a bid to soothe dissent and discomfort among the restive population.

Team Pachedu has flatly rejected Mr Mnangagwa’s empty epistle.

“Last night, poorly dressed Mnangagwa was forced to make an unusual, unannounced and unscheduled emergency speech to preempt the stay away.

The demands reached his office.

To preempt the stay away, ED has just introduced a vast array of economic measures.

For instance, if you had USD in the bank when the Zimbabwe Dollar was introduced in January 2009, you will be compensated for the exchange rate loss.

ED wants to silence the public,” said Team Pachedu.

“It’s all systems go! Stay Away!

ED’s speech failed to address the fundamental problems we are facing.

Prices of basic commodities remain very high. The currency and inflation will worsen. Tuition fees remain exorbitant. Salaries/pensions remain very very low.

Call these hotlines for help if anyone is arrested or injured during the stay away:

Lawyers, ZLHR

Doctors, ZADHR


Thank you all for sharing the message.

Who was saying it won’t work?”