Chamisa Is ‘A Pastor’ Not ‘A PowerStar’ Like ED And Jacob In The Bible: Mavaza
20 May 2022
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CCC leader, Nelson Chamisa is a very good pastor and not a ‘powerstar’ like Emmerson Mnangagwa and Jacob in the Bible, said analyst, Masimba Mavaza, in an emotive debate with whistleblower Sheperd Yuda on Thursday night.

Chamisa always goes after nice hot soup, while Mnangagwa targets the inheritance, Mavaza went on to suggest, while arguing that the CCC leader’s supporters should stop complaining about why Mnangagwa met the new Corby, UK mayor just after his inauguration last week. Mavaza further alleged that the CCC founder shuns away other politicians who have won elections outside the country.

Mavaza received his match from Yuda who questioned his comments and said CCC was not even in existence in 2021.