AFRICA DAY: The Continent Is Haemorrhaging
25 May 2022
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By Elvis Mugari| Africa today has become a theatre of horror and a personification of misery, destitution and anguish. The post independence era in Africa has borne witness to political brutality spearheaded by the one party state system; economic malaise exacerbated by populist policies, bigotry and mismanagement and the general escalating cost of living exasperated by pandemics,chronic diseases, dire poverty, wars and tribal conflicts.

Today, the 25th of May 2022, Africa is supposed to celebrate the birth of the continental motherboard African Union sadly there is literally nothing to be euphoric about as most countries in the bloc have degenerated into a sinkhole of deprivation. The continent is hemorrhaging.

Without beating about the bush, I would like to register my discontent with Zimbabwe, the country in which my umbilical cord is buried. Zimbabwe is under Millitary rule since 2017.Taking stock of what has become of our former Crown Jewel of Africa is a nauseating and disgusting experience.The country has slowly metamorphosed into Dambudzo Marechera’s House of Hunger or Joseph Conrad’s The Heart of Darkness. Desperation is rife and the leadership is numb and indolent to the situation.

I wouldn’t want to remind people of our perverse state of affairs but reality is that we are suffering because of the transgressions of our ‘fathers’. What is more pernicious is the striking fact that those responsible do not take heed of the voices of discern as they would want to continue profiteering and further plundering the economy beyond redemption. We are in a man-made quagmire fellow Africans.

As if that is not enough, Zimbabwe is a good standing member of the motherboard AU and the regional bloc SADC yet we have become the epicenter of all forms of deteriorations.

What is mind boggling is the fact that we’re endowed with everything that even the most developed countries do not have yet we are confronted by under development even if we have fully abrogated colonialism. Our (mis)leaders continue to use Dependency Theory as a smokescreen to cover up their infirmities and failures.
Development and an end to the shameful harrowing misery in Africa is a product of collective human efforts by Africans. Zimbabwe in particular needs a united people who are conscious of their plight. We need to be awaken to the reality that our pillagers are right within our country and right there in the stirrups of power.
May the good Lord help us to restore our pride .

Rise Africa Rise for the second and real independence.