CCC Blasts “Mr Bin”
25 May 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Citizens’ Coalition For Change has dismissed Zanu PF official Patrick Chinamasa’s threats of war if the former revolutionary party loses the coming polls.

In a statement CCC Namibia described Chinamasa’s remarks as empty bravado.

Read full statement below:

Zimbabwe belongs to the citizens not ZANUPF, CCC Namibia fumes!

17 May 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia is quite disappointed by the disregard to the constitutional mandate of the Zimbabweans to choose their own leadership through elections.

On his Twitter Handle, Patrick Chinamasa made it clear that the Citizens Coalition For Change victory in 2023 elections will invite war and instability in the country.

It is quite perturbing that those who claim to have successfully fought for One-Man-One-Vote are the ones who are intimidating the unsuspecting masses in the motherland.

It is extremely pathetic to hear those who purport to epitomise the ‘New Dispensation’ after the repressive Mugabe uttering the same old intimidatory and authoritarian vocabulary used by the predecessor to silence the voice of dissent. As Namibia district, we encourage change champions in Zimbabwe and the entire globe to wake up, mobilise, recruit and radicalize for complete change in 2023.

It must be clear to the clueless Chinamasa that change agents will rise and register to vote in their astronomical numbers as we target 6 million voters for the change that delivers.

Moreover, citizens should not be deterred by the attempt to disregard the voice of the people in 2023.

The politically inept Chinamasa is trying invain to cause voter apathy ahead of the harmonised elections after realising the capacity of our pragmatic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa to resoundingly win the impending plebiscite.

This is the panic button that the desperate Harare regime has just pressed and it symbolises victory for the change champions. It is now clear that ZanuPF does not have political capital to vanguish the simmering desire for socio-economic transfiguration in the motherland.

Our revolutionary obligation is to have our a stable Zimbabwe in the hands of a government with the potential to put the economy on a sounder footing.

It must be categorically clear to Mr Patrick Chinamasa that Zimbabwe is already at war and instability loomed since the early 80s when Gukurahundi galloped more than 20 000 innocent citizens in Matebeland and Midlands Provinces.

In 2002, we lost many people who subscribed to the national democratic revolution and thousands were also killed in 2008 after Mugabe was humiliated by the late President Morgan Tsvangirai on 29 March which resulted in a run off on 27 June. What should be clear to Chinamasa and cronies is that in 2023, citizens will cultivate the varlour, mettle and nerve to defend the vote.

Furthermore, change champions should put into cognisance that ZanuPF has declared war already on the peace-loving citizens.

Ahead of 26 March by-elections, we witnessed our change champion Mboneni Ncube butchered in cold blood in Kwekwe by marauding ZanuPF youths wielding machetes, bows, arrows, spears and stones. May his dear soul rest in power. Prior to the state-sponsored death of Mboneni Ncube, social democrats also lost Nyasha Zhambe in Gutu who was killed for supporting the organic and eloquent leader, President Advocate Nelson during his interface rallies with traditional leaders. Change champions also witnessed politically motivated violence in Chitungwiza Zengeza Ward 7.

Our councillor, Lovemore Maiko was left half-dead ahead of the 7 June by-elections.

It was infuriating to see our prospective councillor with deadly head injuries incurred after ZanuPF thugocrats used bricks attacking his head. On election day, our agent was brutally assaulted at one of the polling stations in Zengeza.

This spate of ZanuPF sponsored violence must be resisted with equal measure. It is now imperative to confront the beast in the eye through emphatic voting and serious effort to defend the vote. Chinamasa must just go to hell and inform Satan that light has conquered Zimbabwe under the able leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

In a nutshell, it is now a public secret that the people of Zimbabwe are craving for change after a long period of suffering under ZanuPF satanists. Voting is part of the independence that they claim to have brought in 1980.

It is our responsibility to prosecute the national democratic revolution to its logical conclusion. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia calls for citizens to embrace dangerous freedom against peaceful slavery under ZanuPF stomach politicians. Zimbabweans should pent up their outrage against ZanuPF thugocrats and their surrogates who are using state apparatus as springboards for the primitive accumulation of wealth.

We are absolutely aware that Chinamasa is trying to instill fear in the change champions but one thing for certain is that Zimbabweans are tired of corruption, arbitrary arrests, abductions, poverty , gross abuse of human freedoms and maladministration at the hands of these perennial sadists. Voting has a automatic ritualistic power to transform lives in Zimbabwe. The highlights were clear during the inclusive government headed by the late Icon of Social Democracy President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai.


Free,Fair and credible elections




Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya