Madzibaba Prophesies: Mnangagwa Winning 2023 Elections
26 May 2022
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Barely 9 months after uttering a false prediction of an Edgar Lungu Presidency,  Masowe WeChishanu of Africa church leader Andby Makururu has claimed that he dreamt of President Emmerson Mnangagwa resoundingly winning next year’s presidential elections.

Last year August 2021, the preacher’s announced that the former Zambian President Edgar Lungu would win that nation’s 2021 elections.

Back home this time, Madzibaba Adby has announced saying Mnangagwa is winning the 2023 polls. He said: “The vision has told me that Mnangagwa will win next year’s elections. We are now praying that he wins the elections peacefully.”

Makururu was speaking during an event to mark the church’s annual international day of prayer themed Peaceful 2023 elections.

Also speaking at the function, Zanu PF political commissar Mike Bimha, said: “Churches have a big role to play in the elections. The problem is we have people who always bring in chaos going into the elections.”

As the congregants chanted Zanu PF slogans Bimha added: “We don’t want violence; we want churches to pray for peace during the elections. As Zanu PF we want to win the elections peacefully, and we want churches to pray for our youths so that they stop drug abuse.”