Alex Magaisa Perfectly Completed his Assignment
6 June 2022
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By Dr Tinashe Gumbo | When I first received the news, I was troubled. I broke the same distasteful news to my wife Angela who is close to Estery Magaisa, the sister to the late, Dr Alex Magaisa. Angela was also troubled. The whole world was troubled. The social media became a boring platform because of the BAD news. 


Oh, yah indeed, it was not an easy moment to accept this new reality, that the intellectual giant had gone, gone to be with his Maker. In my other life, during the Inclusive Government, I personally interacted with this giant-yes, I was part of the team that was “shepherding the democratic processes” then in Zimbabwe. I liked him!

However, I have since accepted that Dr Magaisa has gone. Indeed, I should be consoled by the fact that he went because he had finished his race, but most importantly, he had concluded his special assignment.

I am now convinced that he fulfilled his royal assignment. He had a special assignment here on earth, that is why he was born among us, during our time. It could not have happened any other time except on a Pentecost Day, the 5th of June 2022, when a special assignment had been concluded.

His assignment was fashioned through his intellectual capacity. It was fashioned through public lecturing. Dr Magaisa implemented his assignment so well. He was assigned to be part of the Inclusive Government and that is why we now boast of a very progressive constitution as a country. He educated all of us on political and constitutional matters. He jumped in to be with us each time we were intellectually weak on contemporary issues affecting our nation.

Some of us thought we were in a political struggle that was being technically assisted by Dr Magaisa, yet, he was actually fulfilling a special assignment for his God. His position as a law expert was not important compared to the assignment he needed to fulfill before the 5th of June 2022.

Dr Magaisa broke BIG ideas into small accessible and understandable information for an ordinary citizen of the world. He interacted with the elites; the educated; the poor; the complicated; the simple and indeed, all of us as can be testified by the messages flowing on all social media platforms since yesterday.

God located Dr Magaisa for a special assignment, which he fulfilled so well. God leveraged Dr Magaisa and everything he said or touched made sense to all of us. But most importantly, God linked Dr Magaisa to all of us in order for us to feed from his intellectual prowess.

Dr Magaisa chose that which he was passionate about-to educate the public; he chose to be available for all of us. He became a willing and committed teacher to the world.

My colleagues, let us no longer be troubled, this good teacher of law completed his assignment. He did his best and this was indeed the opportune time for him to say good bye to us all. We will miss his goodness, yes, but after completing some assignment, surely one has to go and indeed, the Good learned friend, brother, colleague, father, husband and world citizen had to leave.

Go Well Dr Magaisa!
Go Well the public teacher!
Go Well Son of the Soil!