Jamba Arrest: Is ZRP Merely Playing Mind Games?
16 June 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|There is nothing at all convincing about the arrest of Pius Jamba.

Jamba was “arrested” on Thursday morning in connection with the grisly murder of CCC activist Moreblessing Ali.

There is nothing to celebrate at all for many reasons:

  1. Pius Jamba was not arrested. He simply handed himself in at around 5am, and police staged up an arrest at 8am.
  2. Jamba’s brother, Simba Chisango hasn’t been arrested despite the revelations made in his 30 May interview.
  3. The ZRP has put Moreblessing Ali’s own lawyer under arrest, disrupting him during the vital discharging of his duty of representing the deceased and her family, making the police a pure mockery. They arrested her lawyer over mythical statements he was instructed to announce. The development portrays the police as criminals in an operation to distort evidence.

Angry citizens are unmoved by the arrest of Jamba:

Luckson ZW fumed:
“Nxaa futsek why late and achangobudq still ngavasatibata kumeso stupid mhani.”

Martha Tammaz wrote:
“We want proof of his arrest liars#justiceformoreblessing#”

Macseny Mazhetese observed:
“Handiti akaita zvamakamutuma hre kumusunga zvebhaisi muchimbonyora cheque yake izvozvi.”

Benote Mudhuhunyi said:”So they have to be forced for them to arrest a murderer.”

Manjonjo posted:
“Arresting him doesn’t work in zim this just formality so that everyone wil believe that there is justice,but on th other he is going to be paid a lots of money for that,secondly even if he goes to th prison who is going to make a follow up to make sure he is still there.”