Nick Mangwana Apologises For Lying that Moreblessing Was Killed By A Boyfriend
20 June 2022
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By A Correspondent | Govt Spokesman Nick Mangwana has using a graphic red line strike on a piece of paper, apologised over his embarrassing comments alleging that the murdered CCC activist Moreblessing Ali was killed by a former boyfriend.

ZimEye revealed last month that the murder suspect Pius Jamba has never at anytime been her boyfriend and he is even younger than her own son, Innocence.

Writing after 3 weeks of posting falsehoods, Mangwana for the first time sounded out that he only commented based on information not his own, but that of government functionaries who made announcements based on word to lips witness allegations.

Moreblessing Ali (46) was killed and her body dismembered on the night if the 24th May 2022 in Nyatsime and the police for over 3 weeks, spent more time publishing political apologetics than performing any arrest.

Commenting, Mangwana, highlighted the erroneous allegation in red and then said, “We work with available information from our institutions who also work with what they are informed by witnesses.”

Meanwhile at the weekend, Jamba’s brother Simba Chisango announced alleging that even his own mother is guilty. He briefly spoke to ZimEye via phone as he communicated this.