Mnangagwa Tyranny:CCC Youth Leader Calls For Mass Protests
3 July 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| CCC Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma has called for the immediate release of Hon Job Sikhala, Hon Godfrey Sithole and Nyatsime party members.

Chuma called for mass protests at the presecution of opposition activists.

“The only way to stop a paranoid regime is to hit the streets!

Even the worst of dictators are afraid of mass action.

We, the citizens can stop this madness,” said Chuma.

Change Radio says Hon Sikhala is not feeling well in prison…

Freddy Michael Masarirevu :
Today , in the company of Hon Daniel Molokele & Adv Nkomo, we visited Hon Job Sikhala at Chikurubhi -Visibly, his health has deteriorated and he complained of chest pain – He has been sleeping on the cold floor and his moral is evidently ‘dying’. He appreciates all your messages

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