Sikhala’s Health Deteriorates In Prison
5 July 2022
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By-Reports from Chikurubi Maximum Prison say that the health of CCC deputy chairman Job Sikhala is deteriorating.

Dr Philani Zamchiya, a renowned academic, posted on his social media platforms demanding the release of Wiwa.

Dr Zamchiya said Sikhala was being persecuted:

Dear Reader,

The authoritarian regime in Harare must RELEASE Job Wiwa Sikhala from ILLEGAL DETENTION in remand PRISON. Wiwa is a vociferous opposition Member of Parliament who belongs to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC). Wiwa faces FRIVOLOUS & VEXATIOUS charges of inciting violence. These charges have no merit even to an OUTER LEGAL EYE. Reader, Wiwa is cut from the school of NON-VIOLENT DIRECT CONFRONTATION. He, therefore can not even HARM a FLY. Now, Wiwa has fallen SERIOUSLY ILL in prison. He struggles to BREATHE. He struggles to WALK. Still they LOCK HIM. Still they CHAIN HIM. Surely the REGIME is going TOO FAR.

Sikhala’s ill-health was announced by social rights activist and Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono when he visited the vibrant opposition leader at Chikurubi last week.