Chiyangwa Leads Fight Against Sanctions
8 July 2022
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Acting ZIFA president Gift Banda has claimed that former boss Philip Chiyangwa is helping the football body in negotiating the lifting of the FIFA sanctions.

The local FA is under an international ban after the government interfered in the running of football.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Banda claimed that Chiyangwa was the one that facilitated the meeting with COSAFA last week.

The acting ZIFA boss said: “Phillip Chiyangwa has done a lot in a short period since we assumed office. He is the person who opened the door for us to go and meet the COSAFA President, and he is unlocking more channels for us to engage the leadership on the continent.

“We will not fail if we are with him by our side. He has assured us that he will hold our hands and walk with us as we traverse this difficult journey that we find ourselves in.”

Chiyangwa, who led ZIFA for two years since December 2016, was the COSAFA president until his five-year tenure ended in 2022.

He added: “A few weeks ago, I stepped down, and this was due to many other commitments I have here.

“But I can say his (Banda) foresight is good.

“About the ban issue, that’s why I want to work with them (ZIFA) and the government.

“I want to ensure that the ban is lifted and football is played, with everyone enjoying it.”- Soccer 24 Zimbabwe