Cheso Power To Perform In Masvingo
15 July 2022
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MASVINGO residents spolied with a busy entertaining weekend *as FC Wangu Mazodze squres off with Ruwa FC

Whilst Alick Macheso would entertain the thirsty fans at Caravan Park later on…

The lines have been drawn, the dates have been set It’s all set for the fierce encounter between Wangu Mazodze FC and Ruwa FC. The most interesting thing about the match is that both teams are financialy smart and fat. The renowned brand in Zimbabwe Probrands injects in Ruwa FC s financial veins meanwhile the Zhalala zhululu guys are unquestionably the most extravagant ,flamboyant and spoiler of all time which has earned them a household slang name “mbinga dzemashuwa shuwa”. Apart from that the team enjoys a nationwide supportbase powered by the Eve and Delilah factor where most ladies have become die hard supporters for Wangu Mazodze due to its smart , spectacular outshining nature. The Kingdom boys have turned out to be a national darling team.

Enriched with the confidence of being on number 3 on the log, Ruwa FC is mostly likely to give the Kingdom boys a torrid time on their homeland, however the 13th player the supporters and the motivator (greenbucks) are going to be the pillar of strength for the Zhalala zhululu guys. With the good news for the fans that the VP Amai Mazodze who sponsors the team would also be in the stadium obviously the atmosphere is going to be electric and valuable.

A win for Wangu Mazodze FC will mean that they are going to celebrate ,wine and dance or rather mjololise at Macheso show later on through the night. Macheso show has come as a bonus for the Masvingo people after watching mostly wanted win it match. With the blessing of the Amai Mazodze present if a win is to be achieved as wished then she may do what she knows best lashing out to players ,supporters and technical team like she never cares.
Braai and drinks!!

This will not end well. Hazvipere Mushe

Zhalala zhululu


Timothy Muswere
Freelance writer and
Soccer fan