Zanu PF Official Leaks 2023 Election Rigging Secret
15 July 2022
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By-The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, ZEC, is said to have hinted that President Emerson Mnangagwa had already won the 2023 Presidential elections.

NewZimbabwe reports that ZEC told a Zanu PF youth league national executive, Phenias Makombe has said sources that his party will win the 2023 Presidential election.

Addressing youths in Kwekwe Thursday, Makombe said party leader President Emmerson Mnangagwa is currently leading with at least 3.8 million votes. Said Makombe:
I recently went to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission offices.
I have friends who are at ZEC and I approached one of my guys there and asked him what the statistics are like. I asked him for people who are registering to vote, who was their preferred candidate. He laughed and said I was going to get him in trouble.
At first he wanted a kick-back to give me the information. However, I told him I am ZANU PF and I don’t condone corruption. After seeing that I wasn’t budging, he then gave me the information.

He told me that at least 3.8 million people told ZEC that President Mnangagwa is their candidate. When I asked about Chamisa he laughed and said only 20 000 people had indicated interest to vote for Chamisa.
We are targeting 5 million votes and, at 3.8 million votes currently, it shows we still have a long way to go. The issue is not about going to the elections because we have already won the polls.
The issue why we are mobilising people to register and vote is for them to come and join the governing party and understand what life is like in ZANU PF. We have already won this election. President Mnangagwa is loved by everyone.
ZANU PF is targeting five million votes while the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) is eyeing six million.

So far, just over 5.8 million people have registered to vote, according to ZEC.
Makombe added that the opposition “is always losing elections because they don’t have a strategy and the next thing they cry foul” while on the contrary, ZANU PF has a strategy.
He said CCC leader Nelson Chamisa’s mission is to attain power and hand it over to Western powers. Votes can only be known after voting.