Bosso Boss Wary Of Poor Stadiums
16 July 2022
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Highlanders coach Baltemar Brito has urged stadium owners to renovate their properties to help improve the standards local football.

Brito made the sentiments ahead of their game against WhaWha at Ascot Stadium on Saturday.

The coach said the state of the Gweru venue makes it difficult for teams to play beautiful football.

He said: “I would like to give a suggestion to the people that belong to the federation of football here to care more about the football fields because I am told the stadium where we are going to play in Gweru is not so good.

“So this is one point that sometimes is hard to work on with teams. Even for the staff of the teams, we all should care about the fields where have hope to get good practice and where we give the fans a good game of football.”

The Brazilian gaffer added: “We are concerned about the football fields because we understand a good field promotes good players. We care about the fields because we are together in this project of our believed football in Zimbabwe.”- Soccer 24 Zimbabwe