Zanu PF Norton Councilor Uses Own Truck To Collect Garbage
16 July 2022
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By Staff Reporter- Zanu PF Norton ward 11 councillor Tino Mafusire has taken it upon himself to use his truck to collect garbage in the town.

The 26-year-old and the only Zanu PF councillor in Norton is doing this at a time his fellow councillors are said to be busy looting residential stands and other resources from the council.

Clr Tino Mafusire

Mafusire said unlike his colleagues who wait for government to bail out local councils during periods of crisis he donated his truck help to improve service delivery in the town.

” Our one and only council refuse truck was involved in an accident and this has affected service delivery in terms of garbage collection, hence my intervention,” he told

” The truck is being overwhelmed and I am also engaging the local business community to extend their assistance in this regard,” he added.

Private truck collecting garbage

Norton has one refuse collection truck and an old tractor.

The town also has 13 councillors, most of whom belong to the opposition.

All of these opposition councillors (10) were Monday arrested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on allegations of corruption. According to ZACC these councillors corruptly parcelled out residential stands to their friends and relatives at lower prices.