Kasukuwere Blasted For Pushing To Rejoin Zanu PF
18 July 2022
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By A Correspondent| Former Zanu PF members Agrippa Bopela and Godfrey Gandawa have accused their ally Savior Kasukuwere of sending Godfrey Tsenengamu and Jim Kunaka to push for his re-admission in the ruling party.

Responding to a video of Jim Kunaka addressing the media over the weekend, Bopela said Kasukuwere is pushing to go back to Zanu PF where he is not wanted and is behind recent remarks by Tsenengamu and Kunaka.

“1/3.Hedzinoi Nhau dzichiverengwa na Msokadho Masiyakurima. Mukuru mukuru weku Mash Central akadzingwa muBato re @zanupf_patriots in Nov 2017 arikuda kurambira mumusangano waasingadiwe.Anowanikwa achituma zvimbwasungata zvake @JimKunaka4 kunyora nekutaura zvisirizvo.

“2/3 What Business is it for you Kasukuwere & Jim Kunaka for you to say @edmnangagwa didn’t honour what he had promised Generari Chiwenga? Why are you hobnobbing with Chiwenga,@DrGGandawa @waltermzembi? Doc,is that where you are now with these Tsotsi?Your silence means you concur

“3/3 Kasukuwere got us into this mess,we’re being led by an idiot @edmnangagwa because of you.MaZimba,form an Opposition party which has nothing to do with Britain,France & America…. Maybe you will find peace one day in the near future.Tyson & @nelsonchamisa same WhatsApp Group,” said Bopela.

Gandawa responded saying he has no plans to retrace his footsteps back to Zanu PF as confirmed by his decision to stand as an independent candidate in 2018.

“Hahahaha concur with what Bopela? You know my principles, l am not ZanuPF old or new. In 2018 elections l stood as an independent candidate. By ZANUPF standards, you expel yourself by standing as an independent and l stood as independent fully aware of this fact.”