Susan Mutami Stole My Mum’s Passport And Accessed A Loan To Buy A Ring For A Minister Lover
25 July 2022
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By Ettie Karney | I am calling out Susan Mutami who is on the run from a fraud case since 2020, when she (after benefitting from our family accomodation), stole my mother’s passport, impersonated my mum, copied my mum’s signature and opened an email account pretending to be my mother.

You fraudulently applied for a loan and signed it with the passport you through the email you created pretending to be my mum.

You know I reported this through ZimEye in Feb 2021 are you’re now out creating political stories so you can hide behind them.

If you are a real victim as you say, come out here on ZimEye and make your whereabouts known to Australian authorities.

I am also shocked that a whole academic Chipo Dendere has rushed to comment while destroying the cases of scores of rape victims.

Chipo Dendere, how can you advocate for someone who defrauded me, and for years is behind the raping of over 50 women, and has herself personally threatened to rape a journalist’s 95 year old father?

Chipo Dendere, as a professor who stands before the US Senate, I am asking you to be honest and give me Susan Mutami’s address so Austrian Police can locate her over her frauds which are 3 years old.