Senior MDC Official Dumps Mwonzora
9 August 2022
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Senior MDC T Gift Matshiba Konjana throws Mwonzora under the bus as his quits MDC

6th August 2022

Wezhira Munya

Gift Konjana the die hard Mwonzora supporter and MDC T Mashonaland longest serving Chairperson quits MDC T.

Konjana wrote on his Facebook page announcing his resignation from MDC T yesterday.

Konjana writes, “Today marks a giant turning point in my life. I have quit as MDC MashWest chairman. I have taken a political sabbath.”

One source close to Konjana who refused to be named said, “Konjana is a frustrated man after he failed to be mp and the dismal performance of MDC T (Alliance) during the by elections. Under Mwonzora MDC T got zero votes. Then Mwonzora decided not to contest by elections. This has negatively affected Konjana.”

The source further added that, “Konjana was frustrated after Mwonzora delayed to convey ordinary congress to elect new party leaders. Konjana felt that Mwonzora is nolonger following constitution.”

Konjana was Mwonzora’s right hand man. He supported MDC T financially and made sure that Mash West was Mwonzora’s strong hold in terms of MDC T internal factional fights.

Failure to hold ordinary congress by MDC T has caused many cracks within the once mighty MDC T.

In addition, one national MDC T member said, “Konjana quits MDC T under Mwonzora after Mwonzora became Zanu PF proxy. Konjana does not believe in rational disputation approach being pursued by Mwonzora with Zanu PF.” This cements the narrative that Mwonzora is Zanu PF proxy , who was assisted to capture Harvest House (Morgan Tsvangirai House) by soldiers and police during the dead of the night.

Many senior MDC T members have dumped Mwonzora and joined Citizens Coalition for Change led by popular President Nelson Chamisa.

It is a big blow for Mwonzora to loss Konjana towards 2023 harmonized elections and 2022 MDC T ordinary congress.

Konjana was one of chief financers of MDC T fight against President Chamisa during Constitutional Challenge of who is legitimate leader of MDC T after death of President Tsvangirai.

One senior MDC T member said, there is going to be a mass exodus of senior members and other leaders from MDC T soon.