Zanu PF Bigwigs Destroy Chivi School
10 August 2022
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Thusanani Oryx

Chivi – Turmoil has ruined Chivi North’s Ruminya Secondary as Senior Zanu PF leaders are reportedly interfering in the running of the school with head identified as Kwanisai running for dear life.

A local teacher who is reportedly a local person is linked to senior politicians.

“The teacher has been in the administration for quite a long time.
“The teacher is using his connection to undermine the head” fumed villagers.

Parents with children at the school said if the teacher identified as JB wants the post, he must read.

This has noted been the only case of teachers being victimised by Zanu PF bigwigs.

Schools are not devwloping because of harassment.

Some learners have been left without teachers because of Zanu PF thugs.

Apart from Chivi district, Gutu district also tops in political victimisation of teachers.
In the end, parents and children suffer not politicians.

Ruminya Sec School Head flees for his life after Acting Deputy chases him with an axe:: In a bizzare incident that has sent tongues waging in the Mukotosi area of Headman Madamombe in Chief Chivi, a School Head at Ruminya High School Mr Tsikisayi Kwanisayi had to flee for his life after an irate Acting Deputy known as JB chased him with an axe baying for his blood in the early hours of Wednesday 3 August 2022 accusing him of removing him from the office as a dog It was only an alert husband of a female teacher by the name Tagwirei who came to the rescue of a visibly shaken Kwanisai who got hold of the axe from Mr JB otherwise the Head would be history by now. What incensed JB is that the school head announced to the staff members and at School Assembly that he has reshuffled his school administration since JB is not degreed and rather incompetent while the school boasts of many graduates. This did not go down well with JB hence the outburst and altercation with the Head. It is alleged JB sought the support of Headman Madamombe and Councellor God. Huruba to be reinstated as Acting Deputy Head. Councellor Huruba is said to have intervened by phoning Chivi DSi who summoned Kwanisayi for a hearing on Thursday 4 August 2022 and instructed the Head to reinstate JB into office but teachers at the are crying foul and claim the school is now in shambles