Is Susan Mutami Suggesting Mai Titi Was Paid To Fake Break-Up With Tinashe Maphosa?
11 August 2022
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By A Correspondent| Australia based socialite Susan Mutami has accused Zanu PF and President Emmerson Mnangagwa of paying using social media influencers to create drama as a way of diverting people’s attention from her sexual abuse allegations against the ruling party leader.

According to Mutami, social media influencers have been creating false drama as a way of diverting the nation’s attention from Mnangagwa’s issue.

Though Mutami did not mention names but Mai Titi’s alleged break up with her United States based husband Tinashe Maphosa created so much drama, keeping people glued to social media as the two traded accusations and counter accusations against each other.

After more than a week of fighting, Mai Titi woke up to announce that she had not broke up with Maphosa in a narrative that best suits Mutami’s alleged narrative.

“Good morning citizens, I know I’m on a twitter break bt I just wanted u to know that @ZANUPF_Official is buying social media influencers to create drama so people forget that @edmnangagwa sexually abused me when I was a minor. I also wanted u to know that there are two young women who reached out to me who were sexually abused by @edmnangagwa, former MSU students who ended up dropping out of Uni as a result of their ordeal and they are ready to share their story with all of u. They have sought refuge in the diaspora and are hopeful the local authorities of that country and @INTERPOL_HQ will assist them,” said Mutami.

Zanu PF has perfected the art of diverting people’s attention from the daily hardships as time and again, there is drama that dominate conversations for more than a week, in the process keeping people away from pressing bread and butter issues.