Mai Titi Cries For Tinashe
11 August 2022
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By-Socialite and comedienne, Felistas “Mai TT” Murata, has accused her estranged lover Tinashe Maphosa’s closest relatives of collapsing her marriage.

She said she regrets seeking counselling and sharing family secrets with Tinashe’s niece, Tatenda Chingana.

The mother of two, who recently tied the knot with her US-based husband at a lavish ceremony in Harare, claimed Tatenda was allegedly working against the union.
Tatenda confirmed the fallout with Mai TT.
Prior to this interview, Mai TT shared a post on social media, which insinuated she would not quit her marriage.
“Imagine kubudisa 100k pamuchato, kuhire Kelly Khumalo. Kutengerwa muchato neZBC.
“Kupindana nezvikwereti nekubroka. Kurovana, kutukana, kurwiswa, kurwara kuonda, kusungisana.
“Tozorambana after 3 months.
“Hondo yacho yinenge yakasika kupera.
“The Maphosa’s Season 1,” reads part of the post.
Following the post, Mai TT’s fans have also been anxious to understand the correct status of her marriage.
She had previously told H-Metro she would clear the air tomorrow.
However, she finally disclosed the matter saying Tatenda was desperate to see the end of their marriage.
“Well, I have been going through a lot in my marriage, including the tension between me and Tinashe.
“My husband is working hard to ensure we iron those issues affecting our marriage but there is one person behind all these problems.
“This person is Tinashe’s niece called Tatenda, who has been leaking family issues to bloggers,” she said.
Mai TT said her husband has also found out that Tatenda sought to destroy their marriage.
“There are some issues that we used to share with Tatenda since we were taking her as a close relative.
“I finally realised that she was influencing the other relatives of Tinashe to make sure my husband quits this marriage.
“It’s unfortunate that Tatenda won’t win it because right now we are fixing things in our marriage,” she said.
The versatile entertainer said she will go into detail later this week.
“Of course, I will go into detail about my family issues but for now you simply need to hear from Tatenda, who has caused all these issues.
“You can call her and hear her side of the story but I was disappointed by her conduct after this betrayal,” she said.
Contacted for comment, Tatenda confirmed she was not seeing eye-to-eye with Mai TT.
She, however, blamed Mai TT for taking the matter to the press.
“Yes, we have not been talking to each other because of certain family issues.
“It’s sad that she has taken the matter to the media when it could have been resolved at family level.
“She might blame me for her problems but I am not entirely responsible,” she said.
Added Tatenda: “Like I said before, I would had preferred that the matter be dealt at family level and not the press.
“It’s just unfortunate for us to be tainting each other in the press like this.”
After Tatenda’s response, Mai TT said she was still married to Tinashe.
“We are still legally married and still husband and wife.
“We can’t just wake up and say it’s over considering what we have gone through together.” H Metro