President Chamisa To Address Thank You Rally In Masvingo
11 August 2022
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Popular President Nelson Chamisa holds by election victory celebration rally in Masvingo Province on 14th August 2022.

As Masvingo police gave permission to Masvingo CCC to hold celebration rally

11 August 2022

Wezhira Munya

It’s Citizens Coalition for Change celebration time in Masvingo urban and province at large after resoundingly defeated Zanu PF, MDC T (Alliance) and other small parties during past by elections.

Chief Change Champion President Chamisa will give a keynote speech at Mucheke Stadium this coming Sunday , 14th August 2022.

The program starts at 10am.

Citizens Coalition for Change Masvingo Provincial Administrator Mr Mandie Matutu confirmed that police gave permission to hold victory celebration rally.

In addition, Masvingo urban champion Mr Peace Mapope who is among the organisers of this rally encouraged Citizens Coalition for Change Champions, supporters and Masvingo residents to saturate Mucheke Stadium.

Masvingo urban is Citizens Coalition for Change stronghold as it has Hon Jacob Nyokanhete as it’s only member of Parliament in Masvingo province out of 26. Also, it has four CCC councillors who defeated Zanu PF and MDC Alliance on 26th March 2022 by elections. The following CCC councillors won by elections in Masvingo urban:

Ward 3 CCC councillor Rocky Kamuzonda , ward 4 CCC councillor Alex Tabe, ward 5 Councillor Daniel Mberikunshe and ward 7 Richard Musekiwa.

On Sunday, President Chamisa will take an opportunity to thank Masvingo CCC supporters and champions for resoundingly voting and supporting CCC, said Champion Jefferson Chitando.

In 2018, majority of Masvingo urban voters voted for President Chamisa. President Chamisa had more votes in Masvingo urban than Zanu PF president Mnangagwa. In addition, in Masvingo urban President Chamisa’s councillors won 7 council seats out of 10.

Furthermore, President Chamisa’s by election campaign rally that was held in Rujeko ground few days before 26th March 2022, had more 40 000 people in attendance.

It is against this background that Mucheke Stadium will have an overflow on Sunday as “yellow team” celebrates election victory.

The CCC “structureless” and newly formed party has been winning by election seats including in rural areas such as in Chipinge.

President Chamisa, has introducing new and fresh political strategy in Zimbabwe politics. Currently, CCC champions have been deployed in rural and urban areas under Mungwazo concept. As a result of this strategy, CCC is winning elections.

Contrary, MDC T (Alliance) under Mwonzora is dying quickly. Under Mwonzora MDC T dismally performed during first by elections by getting zero votes and then decided not to participate in any by election. The once mighty MDC T is failing to pull crowds at its rallies and many members have left the party including Mash West provincial chairperson Konjana. They cited Mwonzora’s incompetence as one of the reasons of leaving MDC T.

More troubles for MDC T led by Mwonzora as it is failing to hold congress according to their constitution. There are serious fights in MDC T currently, as Teams belonging to Komichi, Mudzuri, Mwonzora and other factions are fighting each other.

On the other hand, Zanu PF has serious internal fights as Chiwenga and Mnangagwa factions are fighting each other. It’s dog eat dog in Zanu PF. Recently, there was blood on the floor when Masvingo Zanu PF factions belonging to Masvingo Resident Minister Chadzamira and Masvingo provincial chair Mavhenyengwa youths members fought during provincial elections. The youth provincial elections were then cancelled.

Traditionally, Zanu PF under Mugabe used to win all by elections. However, under Mnangagwa Zanu PF has lost many by elections.

There will be lots of entertainment in Mucheke Stadium during CCC victory celebrations.