Riot Police Disrupt President Chamisa Rally In Chipinge
14 August 2022
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Now Armed riot police and police dogs at CCC Chipinge rally venue: As Zanu PF instructs police to ban CCC Rally in rural Chipinge

As police and High Court banned CCC rally in Chipinge

13th August 2022

Wezhira Munya

Zimbabwe Republic police Superintendent G. Chinyanganya for Chipinge District banned today’s CCC Thank You Rally. President Chamisa was supposed to address the rally at Kondo ward 16.

The police banned CCC Rally because Zanu PF is holding its meeting at Musapingura Primary School.

In the prohibiting CCC supporters from holding their Rally, police superintendent Chinyanganya writes: “l am worried that with such proximity your party CCC members are likely to repeat an act of violence which is on record at ZRP Middle Sabi where we experienced an attack on ruling party members by about 50 members of your party who were celebrating the by elections victory of ward 16.”

The above allegations have been refuted by CCC champion Mr Raphias Sithole.

Interestingly, Zanu PF members are currently holding meeting at Musapingura Primary School near Kondo area where CCC was supposed to hold its Thank You Rally. Zanu PF is holding this meeting without police clearance.

After police banned the Chipinge Thank You Rally , CCC leaders approach Mutare High Court to issue court order nullifying rally ban. Unfortunately, the High Court judge agreed with the police to ban CCC Rally.

President Chamisa writes on his Twitter confirming that the rally has been cancelled. President Chamisa writes: “THEY ARE SCARED & VERY AFRAID.
-The police banned our Chipinge Citizens Thank you Rally.
-We went to the High Court (Mutare) yesterday to challenge the ban.
-The court agreed with the police prohibiting the rally.
It’s a real fight and we will WIN this fight”

Now, heavily armed police with police dogs are at Kondo in Chipinge where CCC was supposed to hold its rally. Police heavy presence at Kondo shows that Zimbabwe democratic space is not free and fair.