Chitungwiza Municipality Demolishes Illegal Structures
16 August 2022
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By A Correspondent- Chitungwiza Town Council yesterday demolished selected illegal structures in St Mary’s.

The demolished structures were reported to have been approved illegally by some Council officials.

A bulldozer pulled down structures at Huruyadzo Shopping Centre and went on to remove foundations of some housing structures along Chitungwiza Road in St Mary’s.

In an interview, Chitungwiza Acting Housing Director, Tendai Chinganga, said the local authority was on a 30-day operation that will see more demolitions of illegal structures.

We have been trying to trace origins of fake documents, within the Council offices, which allowed these people to construct structures on undesignated areas,” said Chinganga. We cannot rule out that there are some officials who parcelled such land without proper procedures.

“We have people who decided to defy enforcement orders by the town planners, and what we have witnessed here is a process that is going to cut across Chitungwiza, for the next 30 days, in order to restore sanity.

“We are encouraging Chitungwiza residents to respect Council by-laws, to respect the laws of the land. If they want to construct any structure, they should first get the approval before they do anything,” said Chinganga.

Some of the demolished structures were close to the road while some residential stands were on wetlands and closing places marked for roads.

— HMetro