Dynamic Platform For Entrepreneurs
17 August 2022
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Business Correspondent

Ads Network Zim Private Limited has launched a vibrant advertising platform known as ZimAdsense.

The company says the platform seeks to help advertisers and publishers in terms of boosting business via digital marketing tactics.

ZimAdsense has been crafted specifically for Zimbabwean advertisers and publishers.


ZimAdSense is a product that was developed by Ads Network Zim Private Limited (ANZ). Ads Network Zim is a registered online advertising media agency.

Their thrust is to help Zimbabwean businesses build brand awareness or visibility. This results in driving conversions for the much-needed revenue and profits. They do this through the use of ad banners. Essentially, advertisers can have their ad banners placed on strategic websites that are part of the Ads Network Zim network. ZimAdSense is a way for website owners to earn money from ad banner placements.

They use popular advertising formats such as footer ads, inner ads, section ads, and banner ads.


You start by registering for an advertiser account. You simply follow the prompts and fill in all the relevant information.

Once you are done you will be redirected to your dashboard. You will then choose your preferred price plan.

For more information about Zimadsense signup here : https://zimadsense.co.zw/ref/43/

Facebook: https//www.facebook.com/Zimadsense/