Notorious Female Chitungwiza Armed Robbers Arrested
18 August 2022
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By- Police have arrested two female armed robbers operating in the Chitungwiza area.

The two appeared in court this week.

Kudzaishe Ruvimbo Charuka and Melody Rwisai are the armed robbers who were allegedly part of a 4-robber gang with three women.

The other two members are Patricia Mutedzi and Davison Chinopenga.

Patricia is said to have been the getaway car driver.
According to court documents, the 4 stormed a house where they stole cash and appliances worth US$ 2 757 plus R1 000 cash after assaulting the occupant. They were armed with iron bars, hammers, and a broomstick.
Forcing entry into the house, they beat and threatened to kill a woman who eventually gave them a cash box containing the cash.
They also got away with laptops and smartphones. One of the stolen smartphones was recovered from the girlfriend of the only male member of the gang, Davison Chiponega.
Chinopenga is unwell and could not attend court.