Madam Boss Pilfers Donor Funds, Cast Cries Foul
19 August 2022
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By ACorrespondent| Popular Comedienne Madam Boss is reportedly failing to pay the cast of her upcoming inspired film ‘Becoming Madam Boss’ and this is despite that she received a windfall from sponsors.

The film features a star-studded cast that include Caroline Mashingaidze, Nash Mphepo, Gonyeti, Melgin Tafirenyika, Conrad Mwanawashe, Eddie Sandifolo, Munya Chidzonga, Melgin Tafirenyika and Zolile Makeleni among many others.

It is said despite honouring to pay these stars,Madam Boss,real name Tyra Chikosho is now playing hide and seek,a close source to the development revealed.

“Its now apparent that Madam Boss tricked us because from what we gathered she got sponshorship amounting to over $US100 000 but decided to convert it to her own use.

“I think as someone who is known to be a spendthrift it is not assuming that part of the proceeds could be behind her numerous trips she has been doing of late to the West ,”said an irate star who featured on the film.

The production house behind the film is Nelned Pictures and anger is simmering that the production house could have been given its share hence how it trying to pacify the cast.

According to a communique authored by one Sydney Taivaishe who is believed to be the project manager ,the delays were a result of some sponsors failing to honour their pledges.

“On behalf of Nelned Pictures the production company behind the Becoming Madam Boss film project, I’m writing to you to apologize officially for the late payments for your role in Becoming Madam Boss Movie,” read part of the letter. It further reads ”

“This is due to the delay in disbursements of funding from our key sponsors and partners of the project. We have been forced to halt production because of the above circumstances and we will only resume once the funds become available.

Becoming Madam Boss Movie is a Sponsor/Partnership based project and therefore our financial commitment heavily relies on third party funding.

“We are working to the best of our ability to speed up the process of dealing with this, and everyone shall receive their payments as soon as we receive the funding from our sponsors and partners.

We’re hoping the money situation can be settled within the month of July. I will keep everyone up to date on any developments.
Many thanks for your understanding.”

While Madam Boss is said to have assured the cast that they will be paid for their services via Whatsapp, another cast member blasted the comedienne for taking them for fools.

“Tyra tried to calm us by saying she values the roles we played in the film but we don’t ‘eat’ such fake assurances.

“What we need is what she promised and if she continues with her flimsy excuses we are going to take the legal route,” fumed the actor who requested anonymity.

The local film industry is under-funded and some individuals have been taking advantage and abusing actors even when they get hefty sponsorship money to bankroll productions.