Abraham Themba Molife: Banket | OPEN LETTER
25 August 2022
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Dear Mukoma Abraham, Themba Molife.

By Nomazulu Thata | The Shona adage says: “chakapfukidza dzimba matenga” fits in with this evil paedophilia intents that runs generations in the Molife family.

Nomazulu Thata…

I was a victim of sex abuse in this family when I was just 8 years old. It was not only your father: the inspector of police who abused my sister and me but also you Mukoma Themba and Mukoma Basil Molife; Basil popped off some time ago: I say to him may his eternal soul be burnt in the unending flames of hell. Mukoma Themba, you are evil, callous, a scumbag, dirty minded human being. You are now 80 years old, alone that you have lived this long is a travesty of justice. There is a higher judgement waiting for you: Hell together with your diabolic Satan’s residence. I pray there is something of that sort: hell unending fires of hell where your father and you belong to.
Mukoma Themba, Abraham: let me open this letter by reminding you of the pain you inflicted on me at the age of eight until we left Msengezi. I hasten to say that the roughness of sexual abuse you inflicted upon me, your father: the famous inspector of police, vaMuzanzibar included, I survived it. I was a victim; I was young and vulnerable then. Now I say it loudly that I survived: I am survivor of sexual abuse. Be it your father; the Inspector David Hosea Molife: Mukoma Basil, and you, Mukoma Themba, never sexually abused your sisters; Shirly and Mukoma Khasi. You targeted my sister and me, your poor cousins: sexual pleasures done in an opulent farm home at Msengezi Farm Nr. 21, a Christian home of Seventh Day Adventists.
Dear readers: you may say Nomazulu is rambling again: I am flabbergasted and devastated about the paedophilic Mukoma Themba Abraham who almost sexually assaulted his own granddaughter in Zimbabwe just two months ago. The granddaughter of Mukoma Themba Molife, let’s call her Buhle, a fifteen-year-old girl experienced the agony of the illness and death of her mother not even six months ago. Buhle’s father thought it was proper to send his deceased wife from the UK back home to her parents: It was proper and respectful of the son-in-law, good intentions and within the boundaries of Africa traditions of Ubuntu to folk out expenses of sending his deceased wife home together with his two children. He wanted to give back what rightly belongs to the parents even in death, to give their last respect at home in Zimbabwe, and not in the UK.
Buhle leaves UK, flies home to Zimbabwe with her mother in the coffin. She travels with her father and sibling for the burial of her mother. In accordance with the traditional scriptures we grew up with; we know the emotional value of being consoled by arms and warm hearts of grandparents amid loss; that was precisely the purpose of the journey back to Zimbabwe to lay Buhle’s mother and wife to rest in a home environment. The body viewing and that good-bye is the wish of any parent if a child died in foreign lands, away from home.
Amid the reverent period of mourning and loss of a mother deeply present in the daughter Buhle, her grandfather had other intentions that makes one sick right up to the pit of the stomach. In Buhle the grandfather felt immediate sexual erotic that he needed to quench in her a biological granddaughter. Here is a grandfather of 80 years of age destroying the innocence of a fifteen-year-old grandchild in a mourning period! He was caught touching everything in her from the breasts right down. This is a grandfather who thinks he is entitled to sexual intercourse to anyone if he wanted it.

Abraham Molife smells a female organ far and near: and when he thinks it is smelling in his imagination (useyifuna, indaba nuka) he is entitled to by “rights that he is a man”. He has no boundaries it appears. I was wrong when I thought he targeted my sister and me: because we were distant bloodline; cousins are sexually disposables. When I hear that even his own biological granddaughter Buhle, he wanted sex at a mourning period; he thinks he is entitled to have sexual intercourse with her, I feel disgusted. Buhle must give sex to grandfather if he wants it: this is Mukoma Themba Molife’s twisted logic. The consequences of rape: say if he managed to rape her, are not taken into consideration by the grandfather, he is not capable to think that far.
Somehow you think “your member and the rest” are “good flowers” that young girls should play around with at your sexual pleasure moments. You are 80 years Mukoma Themba Molife; you still you want little girls of Buhle’s age to assist a collapsed apparatus. It is bad enough to know you were caught fondling her and preparing her to deflower her. In China scam bags caught sexually abusing girl-children are deleted by firing squad. Personally I wish you that that kind of death no less. You are lucky to be in lawless country Zimbabwe whose whole President Mnangagwa is accused of sexually abusing a minor.
I should ask many questions about you Mukoma Themba: I left Msengezi in 1967. When we left, my sister was pregnant: your father was named as sex offender. Was your father, the inspector of police the only one who sexually abused my sister until she got pregnant? How many DNAs of the same family: the father and two sons were in my sister when she finally got pregnant? When I hear, my sister’s son visits you often in Banket, I cringe, because this young man does not know all facts about him. When you see him, Mukoma Themba: I can see your ever cynical smile trying to imagine your DNA in him! This is how dirty life can be!

My second question is: since 1967, how many under-aged girls did you sexually molest? How many girls were sexually abused by you and because these girls do not have a voice, hundreds of cases were not reported. The fact that you attempted to sexually molest your biological granddaughter, it’s bad enough; you have this sense of entitlement. You have got away with murdering the souls of under-aged girls for too long. This time around you have been reported. You refuse to apologise because for decades you have developed the sense of entitlement that any young girl must service your over-aged genitals. You think and believe it is right to sexually abuse under-aged girls because you saw your father, a police inspector doing it to us, he got scorch-free. He was never put into the court of justice until he died. It appears, even if there was a docket opened, this case will fizzle away, the President of Zimbabwe is accused of the same: sexual assault of a child, where will justice come from if the first civil servant is accused of paedophilia.

Let me tell you one thing that encourages me today, Mukoma Themba Molife. I wrote an autobiography; I managed to detail all atrocities committed on us in that posh farm at Msengezi.

Know that uncle google will keep that autobiography for centuries to come. Students, politicians, psychologists, sociologists, teachers, the line is long, will read your stories of how you sexually assaulted vulnerable under-aged girls of eight years of age. Your names are written bold so that information does not escape research work. It is you Mukoma Themba Abraham, your father Hosea David Molife, and your younger brother Basil Molife who feather in the book as sex predators by the night. During the day, you were brothers. How many prayers were given in that posh, holy-like family daily; at night it was different.

Let me pen off by telling you Mukoma Themba that I have a radio station here in Germany. The main purpose of the project is to give a voice to millions of Africa women and girls who have gone through the same experience as mine. Sexually abused women will come up with their stories and we shall talk about them in detail it did not matter how graphic. Those men who have abused girls should be warned about what is to come. Nobody will be spared in these radio programs. We shall encourage women to name and shame those men who are hiding in their graves too, they will be talked about too and in detail. Whoever dies or is dead should not think it ends with his death. Facts will follow them where they are hiding graves. Google will catch their stories and names will be text-book cases for next generations and generations to come.

The Shona adage says: “chakapfukidza dzimba matenga”. I want to challenge this adage and say: “matenga acho anobva” when we start to challenge the culture of silence that has destroyed growing up girls in our societies. Those women who protect paedophiles in our families: (I want to call them our Ghislaine Maxwells) You will not be spared. African history teaches us that perpetuating such cultural abominations in some cases it is women who want to push evils practices under the carpet for their own personal survival or they want to gain personal approvals, a cheap score.
It defeats me still to realize that such a noble philosophy Ubuntu/Hunhu could have originated from us African societies if we are insensitive to pain, we inflict towards our children and children’s children.

Your cousin sister who is enjoying rude health,
Nomazulu Thata