Nomination Fees For 2023 Candidates Unacceptable, Unaffordable
26 August 2022
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The recently gazetted nomination fees for the 2023 elections for candidates in local government, Parliament, Senate and President are a molestation of the principles of democracy.

This unreasonable and purely undemocratic move will see those in Senate and Local authorities paying US $100, those in Parliament US $1000 and Presidential candidates paying US $20 000.

This is a reflection of the privatization and increasing despotic nature of the country’s political environment, these exorbitant fees point out to how insensitive the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is in connivance with the government through the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

The attack on democracy is very clear in this context for it is meant to shut out ordinary citizens from placing themselves to represent their country at all levels of political office, this move only serves to advantage the elites and disadvantage the majority and in all sense undermine the concept of a free and fair election.

In the month of August where the world was celebrating International Youth Day under the theme, “ Intergenerational Solidarity: creating a world for All ages,” the logic of this theme is in reminding us that we need people of all ages young and old alike to join forces to build a better world for all.

To defeat the notion of ageism and exclusionary traits the fees hikes defeat all logic and puts a black spot on an already dark system and history of elections in Zimbabwe.

The world is moving towards inclusion of previously excluded groups in politics specifically women and youth who have been victims of rigid policies and laws that suppress their involvement.

The state of the economy in Zimbabwe and the unemployment rate amongst youths and women is a cause for concern but now taxing them further through unreasonable fees is classic case of closing the democratic space and a class fight between the haves and the have not.

Democracy is now in the intensive care system and the monopoly being enjoyed by ZEC is an insult on Zimbabwe, the Commission never tires in destroying the integrity of an institution that is supposed to carry the confidence of millions of Zimbabweans.

The Communities In Action Platform calls upon ZEC to review this madness and set reasonable fees that the majority can afford with consideration to the nation’s delicate economic situation, in all the political offices this country yearns for new blood and fresh ideas but raising such fees is just an administrative way of giving chances back to already established individuals. CAP wishes to remind ZEC of their duty to the public and the arrogance shown by their officials on this stance exhibits the levels of rot inside that morally bankrupt Commission.

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